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Single Stage Turbine

Siemens Produces the most complete range of single-stage turbines in the world for driving pumps, blowers compressors, generators and fans that are used in refineries, chemical plants, sugar mills, paper mills, or any other facility that generates steam.

Our bladed-wheel single-stage steam turbines (SST) line includes three wheel diameters and seven models covering capacities to 3,500 hp, speeds to 12,000 rpm, inlet conditions to 900°F, and exhaust conditions to 300 psig in compliance with API 611, 612 and other major specifications.

Siemens 500/700 single-stage steam turbine

API 611- and API 612-compliant single-stage steam turbine (SST) is a versatile, rugged steam turbine typically specified by the refining, petrochemical, food processing, steel, and other industries as an economical and reliable mechanical drive for lube oil pumps, process pumps, feed water pumps, fans, compressors, and generators.


• Meets API 611 • Direct drive, oil relay (Woodward TG Series) constant speed governors • Overspeed mechanical trip and safety shut-off • Curtis forged wheel • Carbon ring sealing glands • Built-in, removable steam strainer • Center line support

Optional Features:

• NEMA Class D and variable speed governors • Manual or automatic hand valve controls • Inpro™ oil seals • Labyrinth or mechanical steam seals • Copper-free construction for corrosive atmospheres • Trip and throttle valves (standard on SST 700LP) • Solenoid trips for remote shutdowns • API 612 construction

Siemens RLHA Single-stage steam turbine

The API 611 compliant RLHA is a sturdy, versatile mechanical drive steam turbine for applications up to 2,500 HP (1,865kW). It’s routinely specified by refineries, petro­chemical plants, sugar mills, food processing and other industries using steam for pro­cess to drive lube oil pumps, feed water pumps, process pumps, fans, compressors, and generators.

Standard Features

• Meets or exceeds API 611 requirements • Direct drive, oil relay (Woodward TG Series) or NEMA Class A constant speed governor • Overspeed mechanical trip and shut off system • Manual speed changer • Curtis type wheel • Carbon ring sealing glands • Built-in removable steam strainer • Centerline support with vertical jacking screws • Lagging-blanket insulation (API applications)

Optional Features

• NEMA Class D and variable speed governors • Solenoid trips for remote shutdown • High backpressure trip• Forged steel wheels • Manual nozzle hand valves • Special and double shaft extensions • Copper-free construction for corrosive atmosphere • Pneumatic valve actuation • High inlet and back pressure construction • Labyrinth, carbon/labyrinth, mechanical and six carbon ring steam seal designs

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