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Clark Reliance Water Gauge Glass

Boiler (Steam) Drum Applications to 3000 PSI. Clark-Reliance Boiler Trim manufactured since 1884 has the largest install base worldwide. Reliance is the industry leader in providing highly visible, accurate water level reading equipment.


  • Tiltview Boiler Water Gauges

Special gauges for elevated boiler drums

  • Prismatic Water Gauges

Sharp, Highly Visible Accurate water level readings

  •  Flat Glass Water Gauges

MICA Protection and Heavy Duty Construction for services ranging from 450-2000 PSI

  • DuraStar Flat Glass LED Illuminator

Three columns of “directed” amber color LED’s to create a brilliant star-like image at the water level.

  • SIMPLIPORT LED Illuminator/Viewing Hood

The new Simpliport LED Illuminators feature high-intensity long life red and green LED’s, service life of the LEDs is up to 10 years, which far exceeds incandescent or halogen lamps in previous models.

Provides easy reading of water level from any position with the 180° viewing range

  • Illuminator & Viewing Hoods

For Tubular, prismatic and flat glass water gages


Bi-Color, Direct & Remote reading Boiler water level gauge system

Level Gauge Borchure Brochure Level Gauge BorchureGauge Valve Brochure Brochure Gauge Valve BrochureFlat Glass Level Gauge Brochure Brochure Flat Glass Level Gauge BrochurePrismatic or Reflex Level Gauge Brochure Brochure Prismatic or Reflex Level Gauge Brochure

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