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McRae Engineering is proud to partner with Zeeco. Headquartered near Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Zeeco, Inc. is a global leader in advanced combustion and environmental solutions for power, refining, production, petrochemical, LNG, biogas, pharmaceutical, and marine and offshore industries. Zeeco engineers and manufactures next-generation low- and ultra-low NOx power burners, duct burners, turnkey services, and burner management and combustion control systems. Zeeco utilizes CFD and Physical Modeling to simulate specific process conditions against actual equipment design. These capabilities paired with our real-world testing allow us to predict equipment behavior and interaction under various process conditions. Zeeco’s flame scanner are industry leading and Zeeco can recreate virtly any part from any other burner manufacturer. As a privately held company, combustion and environmental solutions are Zeeco’s focus, ensuring a high standard of excellence in their people, products, and processes. Their management team is comprised of the world’s leading combustion experts and their global experience provides innovative solutions and seamless project execution. Zeeco has more than 1,000 employees, 21 global locations, and six manufacturing facilities around the world to ensure they are available for their customers.

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