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Posi-Flate Valves

Heavy Duty Series 585, 586
Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves

The Posi-Flate Series 585/586 inflatable seated butterfly valves are designed for the most severe conditions. The seat is designed for heavy-duty applications and higher operating pressures. Standard valve sizes range from 2" (50 mm) to 24" (600 mm) and fit both ANSI and metric flanges. A full line of actuators, limit switches and controls are available to suit individual applications and complete valve assemblies.

Temperature limits: -40° to 350° F (-40° to 170° C), varies with application and materials of construction.
Air supply: 135 psig (9.3 bar) maximum to seat, varies with materials of construction and application.
Working pressure: Full vacuum to 150 psig (10.3 bar) depending on application and materials of construction.

Series 485, 486, 487, 488
Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves

Posi-Flate's unique butterfly valve design uses air pressure to expand the seat against the disc, providing even pressure distribution for a bubble-tight seal, every time. Because the seat makes only casual contact with the disc during valve opening and closing, there is very minimal disc impingement. This is in contrast to conventional butterfly valve assemblies, where disc impingement leads to shaving of the seat, decreasing the overall performance and valve life.

Temperature limits: -40° to 300° F (-40° to 150° C), varies with application and materials of construction.
Air supply: 115 PSIG (7.9 bar) maximum to seat, varies with application.
Working pressure: Full vacuum to 100 PSIG (6.9 bar), varies with materials of construction.

Series 485,486,487,488 Brochure Brochure Series 485,486,487,488 BrochureSeries 585,586 Brochure Brochure Series 585,586 BrochureStainless Steel Series 486 Brochure Brochure Stainless Steel Series 486 Brochure

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