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Blower Silencer

There is little question that silencers are a necessity on any blower installation. Regardless of the size or speed of the blower, silencers of some type are nearly always used. In the selection of blower silencers, there are two basic considerations:

  • the silencer must be the correct size
  • the silencer must be the proper type for the application

The nominal silencer size need only be based on the gas volume. However, the silencer design must be selected with consideration of the blower size and operating speed. 

In a closed blower discharge system, structure-borne noise such as that radiated by pipe wall and silencer shell may be a consideration, particularly where a strict, close-proximity noise specification applies. For these applications, various solutions are available to treat the pipe and shell radiated noise, such that most reasonable specifications may be met. For instance, it is possible to lag the silencer shell externally and reduce any shell noise contribution to below the casing and mechanical noise of the blower and driving machinery.

Blower Silencer Brochure Brochure Blower Silencer Brochure

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