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Gardner Denver Hoffman & Lamson

Gardner Denver Hoffman & Lamson

McRae Engineering has been pleased to partner with Gardner Denver to represent their Hoffman & Lamson line of Centrifugal Blowers, Exhausters and Central Vacuum systems. We have been representing Hoffman & Lamson since 2008.Hoffman & Lamson have been the industry leader for over 115 years. Whether you need a blower for a floatation cell of a mining application or a blower to simply move process air across your facility we can help. If your facility is in need a of dust collection or any bulk material collection we can provide an engineered vacuum system. Performance and efficiency are always top priority when sizing any system. We customize every stage of our blowers to reach the maximum performance with the lowest possible energy consumption. McRae can also with any hoses or tools you might need for your central vacuum system.

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