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Ball Valves


 The extensive line of NIBCO® butterfly, ball, gate, circuit balancing, stop and waste valves along with Webstone® ball valves represents a history of innovation and quality engineering. Available in a variety of materials and applications in commercial, mechanical, fire protection, industrial and residential flow-control systems.


Top entry ball valves by McCANNA are built to lower maintenance costs and improve equipment life span by offereing a wedge design that allows for both and high and low pressure thermal expansion. This ensures a long seat life and better sealing capabilities.

The high quality materials that go into the McCANNA/MARPAC top entry ball valves are unparalleled and the custom seat options keep fugitive emissions at a absolute minimum. Find out more about the McCANNA/MARPAC top-entry ball valves by contacting us today.

Poynton Valves

Poynton Valves is one of the leading suppliers of quarter and multi turn valves in the UK, with more than 30 years of continued growth and are stockists for the Gresswell, Wouter Witzel and Valtac range of products.


Tough industrial environments require the utmost reliability in flow control processes. That’s why our Chemtrol® product line is known for its premium line of industrial flow control products. As the leading-edge authority in flow-control systems for more than 65 years, Chemtrol delivers superior performance and reliability where it really counts. Chemtrol valves and fittings are made from advanced thermoplastics engineered for resistance to abrasion, corrosion, weather, chemical and biological attack. In environments ranging from hot corrosive liquids and chemical processing, to waste water treatment, pharmaceuticals and food processing.


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