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McRae Engineering Equipment Limited is proud to partner with Newterra. We represent their Deareators and water treatment products in Ontario. McRae signed on with Neweterra in 2016 to great success. Newterra’s quality products and expertise in water treatment are industry leading. In 2014 Newterra purchased Cochrane. Cochrane has a long history of supplying Deareators to North America. Newterra has a great offering when it comes to Deareators. They can supply a full line of spray type deareators but they can also offer parallel down flow deareators. These are unique to Newterra and offer many advantages. Newterra can now also make small deareators as well as the large units. Newterra can also offer a full line of water treatment for pottable water. Newterra can offer fully engineered customer water treatment suolution or small pre-engineered package treatment systems.

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