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Level Gauges
Prismatic / Reflex Level Gauges
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Prismatic level gauges provide a well-defined, distinct image of water levels, eliminating reading errors or distortions possible with less effective gauge types. Highly versatile, Prismatic Gauges are easily installed in vertical or Tiltview Assemblies.

Series Q20 Liquid Level Gauges
Standard construction includes a solid one-piece chamber machines from bar, machined steel covers, tempered glass, alloy steel bolts and nuts. Recessed gasket seats prevent gasket movement. Series Q20 gauges are available in a variety of materials to meet specific corrosive conditions. All standard chamber materials (carbon and stainless steels) are NACE MR-01-75 acceptable materials. Non-frost extensions, illuminators, support brackets, Kel-F shields, mica shields and special alloys are available.

Pressure up to 3000psi@ 100°