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Services / Valve Automation

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited has been automating valves for thirty years. Our technicians have the expertise required to deliver an assembly (including valve assemblies) that meets your application requirements and is built in accordance with the latest standards.

 We assemble and test a wide variety of pneumatic and electric valve assemblies. Our electric and pneumatic actuators come from top manufacturers to ensure high process automation of your industrial valves. Our engineers can also create custom mounting valve assemblies for any application.

Electric vs. Pneumatic Actuators

Typically, pneumatic actuators are used in valve automation where high load capability and short cycle time is required. They are advised for applications where the valve is expected to open and close often. Pneumatic actuators are preferred within petrochemical and refining industries as well as by utility plants. They are generally a lower-cost alternative to electric actuators.

Electric actuators are advised for applications where precision accuracy and high level of repeatability and control are required. They are great for tool feed, scanning, and calibration equipment. Where the air source for pneumatic actuators is not available (e.g. in office facilities), electric actuators are also preferred. For more information about our products and to get the best solution for your application, feel free to give us a call.