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Services / Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Repair

Refurbishment / Regasketing

McRae Engineering Equipment Limited can be the solution to your plate and frame heat exchanger parts and service needs. We can provide complete heat exchanger repair and refurbishment, and supply replacement gaskets, plates, and other spare parts. In shop we can clean, inspect and regasket plate and frame heat exchangers. Our on-site technicians can also supervise the installation of new plates and platepacks. We will always work to meet your deadlines and minimize downtime.

 Benefits of Heat Exchanger Repair

Heat exchanger repair is a cost-effective solution to continuing your operations. Professionally done, it prolongs your equipment’s life and ensures reduced downtime in the future. With new developments in the industry, heat exchanger repair and refurbishment can also guarantee you an upgrade to the latest industrial standards without incurring the cost of buying new equipment. McRae Engineering will ensure that your heat exchanger will be handled by professionals and that it will be upgraded using top quality components and in accordance with the latest standards.