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McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd takes care of all your blower repair needs

McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd provides a wide variety of replacement parts and complete manufactured blowers and vacuum pumps for your pressure and vacuum operations. Their equipment comes from top-of-the-line manufactures and therefore they ensure high performance and are reliable as well. The services offered by this company ensure continuous production of business’s older systems.

Established in 1930, McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd has highly trained technicians who record precise measurement of components hence ensuring conformance to the manufacturer’s dimensions. Their machine shop is fully equipped whereby the necessary replacement parts are manufactured or sourced. They are able to perform all the vacuum pump and blower repair services on all types of metals including the exotics. Besides, they perform vibration testing and Rotalighn dynamic balancing to see that your blower operates in a reliable manner in its expected environment.

Some of the defects in blowers they attend to include:


 *Abnormal noise flow

 *Unsteady rotation

 *Failure to start

 *Failure to reach the required speed

 This professional engineering company has experienced technicians who can do blower repair in house. They also offer field services. In addition, this company provides pickup and delivery services for in-house repairs.

The best part of them is that they respond to all customers queries promptly. They value time very much and as a result their technicians are always available whenever you require them. Their field service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform quick and cost-efficient blower repair and take care of any emergencies.

Their wide experience in the field enables them to provide rapid and affordable solutions to all your industrial blower repair needs.

The business right now boasts having the highest quality blowers and vacuum pumps from top-of-the-line manufacturers such as NIBCO, UNIVERSAL, TURBO STEAM, CMS, and TRANTER AND FLOWSERVE.

McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd have proven to be the best in the blower repair for many years.If you encounter any issues with your blower, do not hesitate to call McRae Engineering for inspection and blower repair.






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