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Blower Repair & When You Need It

 McRae Engineering Ltd is an accredited service center for a wide variety of machine repair including blower repair. Through this, our qualified technicians will attend to your blower professionally for optimal results there after. However, before contracting us for such a service, you should perform a self diagnosis of the blower to establish if it truly needs the blower repair. Your diagnosis should be led by your observation of the blower for such things as abnormal noises, leaks, slower speed that normal and failure to start among others.  Below is the guide on what you should consider for you to conclude that your blower need servicing:

Abnormal noise:A blower should run and operate at steady voice at norm while maintaining a constant flow. In case the noise from the normal operations of the blower indicates any major variation from its natural noise, this might indicate a fault in the blower. In addition to this, incase the flow of the noise in encompassed by breaks in the noise, then, the blower might need blower repair.

Leaking: In case your blower shows signs of leaking,it might mean that the part is either weak or broken; hence might require repairing as to restore the machine to its normal efficiency. Leaks often lead to more energy being used in blowing the leaked air leading to reduced efficiency of the blower.

Failure to reach the required speed: At norm, a blower has a threshold minimum speed at which it should operate at. In case you notice abnormally slow speed while operating the machine, this might be an indication of a faulty blower. In such a case, you need to consult with your technician for further diagnosis. In such a case, the diagnosis should include an evaluation of the possible cause of the abnormal speed.

Unsteady rotation: At times, blower movable parts might have unsteady movement of the parts with the parts indicating some faster and slower movements during operation. In such a case, you should seek expert advice on what might have led to this. If any blockages are identified in the movable parts, they should be immediately removed or if other challenges are identified, then, proper correction procedures should be adopted.

Failure to start: There are times when you might try starting your blower but is non-response. In such a case, something is wrong. Even if it ignites, it might only work for a short span of time and go off without your command. Such scenarios indicate faulty blowers hence requiring technical diagnosis and blower repair.

At McRae Engineering, we understand time and efficiency are of essence. That’s why our technicians will assure you of a great service when your blower disappoints. That’s the only way we can return the smile on your face! We guarantee you of excellent service.

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