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Valve Assemblies - Why You Need Them

With over 70 years of excellent service and supplies of valves and complete valve assemblies, McRae Engineering Ltd is tried and tested. This has led to long-standing relationships with formidable manufacturer such as Edwards valves, Hills McCanna, Posi-Plate, Baronshire and Swiss valve. This leads to us stocking a wide array of ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves and plastic valves for use in valve assemblies in water mainstream or other appropriate operations.

Our Valves and Valve Assemblies

We specialize in the assembly of the following valves:

Ball valves

We are dedicated to offering you various ball valves such as Nibco valves; with steel, stainless steel and bronze configurations, McCanna/Marpac valves; on both steel and stainless steel options for 4500 psig and 1500F. Other ball valves in our stock list include the steel and stainless steel Swiss Valve(Valtaco) valves that come with standard, full port as well as three-way options. In case you need plastic valves, don’t hesitate speaking to us as the Chemtrol plastic valves in our stock will guarantee you of an excellent service.


The Edwards Valves

Designed with highly versatile features, the Edward valves are able to bear high temperatures exceeding 1000F and pressure surpassing 10,000psi. Under critical conditions, you don’t just need to meet the minimum conditions and standards but rather exceed them! That’s why we can confidently assure you of that through the Edward forged steel valves with options for power plants, high temperature and pressure services as well as process facilities.


The Butterfly Valves

When you need high performance valves, you need nothing short of exactly that. That’s why our set of various valves will deliver you that. Talk of our large stock of Nibcoirob-body butterfly valves for industrial use, the Posi-Flate inflatable-seated valves for use in dry solids or slurries, the M.S Stewart – WKM superior performance valves as well as the Baronshire 316 stainless hygienic valves. Other butterfly valves in our stock include the Bray/McCannalok high performance valves.


The Posi-Flate Valves

These are heavy duty valves that come as 586/586 inflatable seated butterfly valves and are designed for use under the most serve conditions. They are designed to operate under the most serve conditions, heavy-duty applications and high operating pressure. They also come with a full line of actuators, controls and limit switches for regulation to suit individual applications. This makes them adapted to work under varied temperature, air supply and working pressure conditions without suffering any adverse effects or damages.


Since a wide array of valves exist in the market, getting in touch with the market leader; McRae Engineering will assure you of being ahead of the league. Feel free to talk to our able service team for expert guidance and advice concerning valves and more. 

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