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Vacuum Pump Repair

 McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd being an authorized Elmo Rietschle products service center, we specialize and major in the repairing and servicing of regenerative and side channel blower repair and warranties, Rotary Vane vacuum/compression, Liquid Ring vacuum/compression as well as Claw Pumps vacuum/compression.


Vacuum Pump Repair

There are numerous factors that can render a vacuum pump dysfunctional or fail to perform optimally. These include the effects of wear and tear, constant pressureand process conditions variations among others. Therefore, the pump user should check its functionality and overall performance on daily basis to avoid technical breakdowns while on use. The following are some of the indicators that he/she should look for as they are indicators that the pump might need servicing/repair.


First is having some parts making abnormal noises. There are some pump parts not meant to produce any noise or even be in any movement of whatsoever kind. In case such a part either produces any noise or shows signs on movement, then, immediate repair or servicing of the pump is required. In addition to this, a usually noisy part might be producing a varied noise. In such a case where the voice produced varies from the natural tone of the voice produced by the part, then, you should seek servicing or repair of the pump.


Second is the pump failing to generate sufficient vacuum force.Pumps often have fixed vacuum force that can be varied to suit the user’s needs. In case you notice abnormally low force being generated by the pump, this might be an indicator that the pump needs to be serviced. In such a case, you should involve your engineer or invite a specialist for diagnosis before the case worsens.


Third, if the pump does not generate any vacuum at all, then, this might indicate that the pump needs repair and servicing. In such a case, you need to involve well qualified specialist who will offer proper diagnosis and repair of the pump.


Leaking pump: In case you notice some parts abnormally leaking, you need to inform your technician for repair of the leaking part. This includes the leaking of both the fluid being pumped or the fuel used by the pump. In such a case, you should ensure that all the leaking joints or parts are well sealed without reducing or affecting the performance of the pump.


In any of these instances, quick and efficient vacuum pump repair is essential as to avoid stalling during operation. Our technicians; at McRae Engineering are available for consultation, inspection, repair and maintenance of your vacuum pump whenever you need it. We additionally offer spare parts for complete your vacuum pump repair at affordable rates. 

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