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Things You Should Know About Level Gauges

Level gauges, or also referred as level sensors, are devices that are used for measuring levels of solids and liquids. Likewise, these devices can be used to detect the interface between solids and liquids. Basically, a level gauge comes with a buoyant device that floats in both low and high density fluids. The core function of this floating device is to determine the levels of fluids and solids in a container. In some cases, this device can be used in open areas as well. With their innovative features and functions, level gauges are being used by a lot of different industries and technologies.

Level gauges are used in many different industries. Here are some of the industries and factories that are using these gauges:

- Pulp and paper making factories

- Pharmaceutical process systems

- Food and beverage industry

- Material handling factories

- Power generating plants

- Waste water handling factories

- Chemical refinery units

- Oil manufacturing plants

- Water treatment process

Level gauges are among the most commonly used measuring devices today. In the mentioned industries, their applications are virtually more than one. These applications may involve gauging fluids to manufacture fertilizers, pesticides, ammonia tanks, lubrication oils, detergents, and soaps.

There are a lot of different types of level gauges available on the marketer today. Here are the major types of these gauges:

- Fuel level sensors

- Mechanical level sensors

- Tank level sensors

- Water level sensors

- Capacitance level sensor

- Optical interface level sensor

- Ultrasonic level sensor

Where to buy them?

The best place to buy these gauges or sensors is on the internet. If you opt to buy them online, you get to save a few bucks from your gauges. For the most part, gauges that are sold online are a lot cheaper than the ones offered by your local stores. Online stores do not have huge overhead costs, meaning they can provide affordable and reasonable rates for these devices.

Aside from its economical benefit, buying them online is fairly convenient and easy as well. With online shopping, you get to buy these level sensors wherever you want. As a matter of fact, you can even buy them while you are wearing your pajamas in your living room. As long as you have access to the World Wide Web, you can buy these devices wherever and whenever you want.

Things to remember when buying one

The device’s pressure rating can be influenced by limitations of the gauge glass gasket, gauge glass, and valve body. The longer the glass length and the larger the diameter of the glass, the lower the pressure rating will be. When the temperature increases, the pressure rating basically decreases. With that said, make sure to refer to the device’s pressure ratings, before buying a level gauge.

Choose a level gauge type based on the application. Keep in mind that each type of level gauge has its own its set of features. So, before you buy one, consider how the gauge will be used.

How to install it

Installing a level gauge should only be a trained technician. As a trained professional, a technician has a solid know-how of how this device works. Not to mention, he or she has the appropriate equipment and safety gears in handling the job. 

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