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Remanufactured Blowers and Exhausters
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Remanufactured Blowers and Exhausters

We offer a wide range of remanufactured blowers and exhausters available for immediate shipment. All of our refurbished blowers are built to the same exact standards as new blowers and are thoroughly tested. They also carry the same warranty as new blowers. Remanufactured blowers offer an excellent, cost-effective alternative to new machines and are ideal for short term projects, spares or even permanent installations.

Why Choose Remanufactured?

•    Cost effective
•    Same warranty as new
•    All genuine factory parts
•    Same specifications as new, incorporating latest design changes
•    Buy Back Program

If you have an old blower that is no longer in operation, we may be interested in buying it from you. There are many popular models that we will purchase and pick up at your location. We also offer blower repair for your older models to extend their life cycle and help you avoid downtimes.