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Parallel Downflow
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Trays: Type 430 SS, pan type, one piece
Water distributor: 316 Stn. Stl. Lock-N-Load® Spray Nozzles
Design pressure: As required
Deaerator top: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Storage tanks: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Vent condenser: Direct Contact Type with Stainless Steel baffling

• Deaerator performs equally well between the extremes of 100% make-up water
(below 50° F) and mostly hot condensate as well as substantial flashing returns
• Handles higher steam flows through the tray stack. Requires the lowest temperature
differential of any deaerator to meet operating warranty; typically 20° F or less
• Water seal between trays and the spray section eliminates direct impingement of the
spray on the trays and insures even distribution of the water over the tray stack
• Use of trays with less open area than required in counterflow operation maximizes spilling
edge and exposes a greater surface of the water to the stripping action of the steam
• Optimized mixing plus higher steam velocity results in maximum gas removal efficiency
• Genuine two stage deaeration

Deaerating Trays
• One piece construction type 430 stainless steel. Easily handled by one person
• Trays are designed so that the pressure shell does not come in contact with the un-deaerated
water or concentrated non-condensible gases
• Trays provide excellent performance having the highest spilling edge and baffling area available
in any tray design, which allows for maximum water “break-up” and retention time