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newterra Spray Atomizing Type Deaeration
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Deaerator top: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Storage tanks: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Water distributor: 316 Stn. Stl. Spray Nozzle
Vent condenser: Direct Contact with Stainless Steel baffling
Design pressure: As required

• Controlled steam atmosphere
• Maximum effective contact between steam and water
• Variable orifice self-regulating atomizer assures maintenance of energy
required and guaranteed performance at ALL rates of flow
• Compact, easily accessible design
• Minimum headroom requirements with horizontal design

The Spray Type Atomizing Method
• Atomizing Deaerators protect power plant boilers and piping where the operating
pressure is steady and the temperature rise is greater than 50° F. The Cochrane®
Atomizing Deaerator is particularly superior in the following applications:
• Marine – Providing guaranteed performance regardless of normal roll, pitch and list
of the ship
• Handling low pH or acid waters
• Handling waters containing scale or solids due to absence of baffles or trays