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Fan Silencers
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AFS Series Absorptive/Reactive
    The AFS series fan silencer combines a reactive and absorptive chamber design that both reflects acoustic energy and dissipates it with absorptive pack material. Constructed from plate and sheet steel in an all-welded, straight-through flow path design, the AFS series is suitable for most applications on the inlet and discharge of centrifugal or axial blowers, especially when low pressure drop is required. The standard AFS silencer is suitable for temperatures up to 325°F.

Acousti-Tube Absorptive/Tubular Flow
    The modular, compact, lightweight Acousti-Tube silencer knocks out high-frequency noise while minimizing pressure drop. The Acousti-Tube silencer is available in standard cross-sections and lengths, which cover a wide range of product applications and are economical solutions to noise problems. The silencer's modular design allows customization for non-standard configurations without any loss of acoustic performance or increased pressure loss.

Acousti-Vane Absorptive/Parallel Baffle
    The Acousti-Vane silencer comes in standard cross-sections and lengths that cover a wide range of applications and provide economical solutions to a broad range of noise conditions. Standard units can be adapted for use in non-standard or application-specific configurations.