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Packaged Deaerators
• newterra offers packaged deaerators utilizing parallel downflow,
counterflow or spray-atomizing to best suit every application.
Capacity ranges from 10,000 lbs. per hour and larger. newterra
packages deaerators with pump and control skids below in
compact packages or on separate skids for large applications.
• Fully skidded compact packages
• Packages with off-skid deaerators for larger applications
• Low-Headroom spray-atomizing units available
• Start-up services available

Specifications (All Units)
• 7 ppb (0.005 cc/L) O2 content
• 10 minute storage capacity standard
• Dual, vertical multistage pumps
• Control panel with motor starters and level alarm lights
• All accessories required to operate the system
• Custom accessories and options available

Vacuum Deaerators & Forced Draft Degasifiers
• newterra custom-engineers Vacuum Deaerators used
to reduce or eliminate corrosion of piping systems, heat
exchanger and process equipment by removing dissolved
oxygen and carbon dioxide without steam feed or a need for
raising water temperature. newterra also custom-engineers
Forced Draft Degasifiers used to provide an economical and
efficient method to remove dissolved gases, principally carbon
dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.