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Clark Reliance Water Columns
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All Clark-Reliance water columns and components are designed and manufactured in total compliance with ASME Boiler Code provisions. Of special importance, all steel water columns are welded according to specific ASME code provisions and procedures, Water columns and components such as gauges and valves are hydrostatically tested to 150% of design pressure. Today, Clark-Reliance continues as the foremost name in water column technology and manufacture. Current, advanced products are modern-day versions of columns and trim pioneered by the Reliance Gauge Column Co., America’s oldest and most respected exclusive boiler trim manufacturer.




·         Float & Probe Type Water Columns

Float type water column models are individually rated at pressures from 0 to 900 PSI. the more versatile probes can actuate alarms or other controls.


·         Cast Iron Water Columns

From 0 to 250 PSI


·         Steel Water Columns

Ten models with probes serving ranges to 3000 PSI


·         Water Column Safety Systems

Water Column and Controls General Info


·         Retropak PC Water Column Conversion Kit

Water Column conversion from float to probe


·         Automatic Boiler Level Controls

Water Column controls for Low Pressure Boilers


·         Gage Cocks (TRYCOCKS)

Try (Gage) Cocks


·         Bronze & Steel Water Gage Valves

Bronze Valves ( 5 models) Steel Valves (18 models) for all your service needs