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Services / Blower Repair, Vacuum Pump Repair

McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. is an authorized service center for Elmo Rietschle products. This includes Regenerative and Side Channel Blower repair and warranties, Liquid Ring Vacuum/Compression, Rotary Vane Vacuum/Compression, and Claw Pumps Vacuum/Compression.

 Vacuum Pump Repair

Due to the constant pressure, variation in process conditions, or as a result of wear and tear, any vacuum pump system can fail to function as required. The following factors indicate that vacuum pump repair may be needed:

-    Motor does not start or makes humming noises
-    The pump does not generate sufficient vacuum force
-    The pump does not generate vacuuming at all
-    Leaking

 In any of these cases, quick and efficient vacuum pump repair is essential to avoid long stalls in operation. Technicians from McRae Engineering are available for consultation, inspection, vacuum pump repair and maintenance whenever you require it. We can supply new components and restore your pump system to complete functionality and in accordance with safety regulations and industry standards.

 Blower Repair

If you are using a side channel blower for your applications, be wary of the following indicators that the blower may be malfunctioning:

-    Abnormal flow noise
-    Leaking
-    Failure to reach the required speed
-    Unsteady rotation
-    Failure to start

If you encounter any of the above issues, call McRae Engineering for inspection and blower repair.  At McRae, we understand that time is of essence, so our technicians are always available for quick and cost-efficient blower repair whenever you require.