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Absorptive Silencer
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Absorptive silencers are very effective on high noise frequencies (500-8,000 Hz). At frequencies above and below this range, attenuation performance progressively diminishes. Since noise is absorbed by the packing material, absorptive silencers do not rely on internal baffles, tubes or other restrictive devices to achieve noise reduction. Consequently, absorptive silencers generally employ a "straight-through" or similar internal designs which inflicts very little air flow restriction.

The U5 Series Absorptive Silencer
  The U5 Series is a premium, straight through, absorptive silencer. It provides excellent noise attenuation due to its very high length to diameter ratio. It is especially well suited for inlet service on small rotary positive or centrifugal blowers or the discharge of vacuum pumps. Mild steel construction with enamel paint.

The U2 Series Absorptive Silencer
    The U2 Series is an economical straight though silencer for applications requiring lower-degree noise attenuation. It is fundamentally similar to the U5 Series, but has lesser attenuation due to its relatively low length to diameter ratio. Mild steel construction, primer-coated exterior.

The SU Series Absorptive Silencer
  The SU Series includes three grades of annular design silencers, the SU5, SU4 and SU3 series. All include an annular flow path and either full or partially blocked line-of-sight. Mild steel construction; primer-coated exterior.